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Let’s explore your destiny! Do you wish to gain deeper insights into various aspects of your life, like career, relationships, health, and more, based on Vedic astrology principles? Well, you’re in luck because an exciting new AI tool called Kundli GPT is here to help you uncover the hidden truths of your destiny!

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What is Kundli GPT AI?

Kundli GPT is an AI-powered online platform that provides personalized astrological consultations by analyzing your birth chart, or kundali. This innovative chatbot blends traditional Vedic astrological wisdom with advanced artificial intelligence to offer accurate and customized recommendations related to your life. 

Kundali GPT is an AI Astrology Chatbot Provides Personalized Horoscope Readings


Developed by an NIT Surat alumnus named Raj Sutariya, Kundli GPT allows you to get a brief reading of your Kundli, identify negative influences or doshas, and gain advice on health, finances, career, relationships, and more—just like an experienced astrologer would do. But how does an AI tool provide such detailed and personalized guidance based on your horoscope?

KundliGPT utilizes the latest AI capabilities to provide an automated yet human-like astrology consultation experience via personalized kundli readings and analysis.

How Does Kundli GPT AI Work?

The functioning of Kundli GPT involves two key aspects:

  • Advanced AI algorithms: The platform is powered by complex AI algorithms that have been trained on massive datasets related to Vedic astrology and horoscope analysis. This allows the chatbot to interpret Kundli charts and make accurate predictions.
  • Personalized approach: By asking you to enter some personal details like your birth date, time, and location, Kundli GPT generates your birth chart. It then studies the positioning of various planets and houses to offer tailored insights about your life.

So in essence, Kundli GPT combines the wisdom of traditional Vedic astrology with the pattern recognition power of AI to deliver a smart and personalized astrological consulting experience.

Key Features and Benefits of Kundli GPT

Here are some of the standout features and advantages offered by Kundli GPT AI:

  • Get personalized horoscope analysis. Kundli GPT studies your individual birth chart based on your details to offer custom life predictions and guidance.
  • Identify the doshas in your Kundli. It can point out any pitfalls or negative influences in your horoscope and suggest remedial measures.
  • Multi-lingual support: Kundli GPT is available in several Indian and international languages like English, Hindi, Bangla, Tamil, Marathi, etc.
  • Gain health insights: Get guidance regarding potential health problems based on your Kundli and tips to boost wellness.
  • Financial planning aid: seek personalized money management suggestions based on an analysis of your horoscope.
  • Career Forecasting: Discover insights on career opportunities, challenges, and tips for professional success.
  • Relationship compatibility clues: Find out how compatible you are with your partners and get guidance on marriage or relationships.
  • Free online access: The Kundli GPT platform is free to use for anyone seeking astrological insights.

So in a nutshell, Kundli GPT serves as your personal AI-powered astrological consultant to disclose hidden truths about your destiny and provide actionable guidance to steer your life in the right direction!

How to Use Kundli GPT: A Step-by-Step Guide

Using the Kundli GPT chatbot is very simple and quick. Follow these steps:


This is the final result when I asked Kundli GPT to predict my Life. I Chat with Kundli after giving all the details: Name, Date of Birth, Birth Time, and Birth location. After that, I asked in chat, “How is my work life going to be?” and got the reply shown above. This is How to use Kundli GPT step-by-step.

Kundli GPT Website

Kundli GPT AI- Get Start Chat with Kundli GPT- Chat Now Button

Go to the official Kundli GPT website.

Chat Now


Click on ‘Chat Now’ and choose your preferred language.

Birth Details


Enter your full name and accurate birth details when prompted.



Allow access to your location for more precise predictions.

Birth Kundli


Review your generated Kundli, or birth chart.

Choose from Options


Type in any life question and click send, or choose from premade options.

Get personalized Kundli


Receive personalized astrological insights and recommendations from Kundli GPT.

Once you provide the necessary information, Kundli GPT studies your birth chart and offers guidance within seconds! The interactive chatbot experience allows you to keep seeking astrological advice on different aspects of life.

Tips to Get the Most from Kundli GPT

Follow these tips to optimize your Kundli GPT experience:

  • Enter your details accurately for the correct Kundli generation.
  • Frame specific questions related to career, health, relationships, etc.
  • Be open-minded to receive guidance with clarity.
  • Don’t hesitate to ask follow-up questions for more clarity.
  • Use the insights to make informed life decisions.
  • Recheck with the bot if any prediction seems vague or unlikely.

Key Takeaway: Kundli GPT scores over competitors by offering free and detailed Kundli analysis with dosha insights along with health and money predictions. The multilingual availability also makes it more accessible.

Kundli GPT Review: Pros and Cons

Let’s summarize the key pros and cons of Kundli GPT revealed through our comprehensive testing and analysis:


  • Personalized and accurate AI-based astrological guidance
  • easy-to-use interactive chatbot interface
  • Identifies Kundli doshas and suggests remedies
  • A multilingual platform for wider reach
  • Free access is available to users for horoscope analysis


  • Some recommendations may seem generic at times
  • Privacy controls could be improved
  • Service can be slow or unavailable during heavy traffic
  • Lacks astrologer interaction for follow-up questions
  • No Kundali matching tools yet

Overall, Kundli GPT delivers a modern AI twist to Vedic astrology and provides fascinating personalized insights at zero cost. Minor improvements can make it an even more robust astrological analysis platform.

The Future Potential of Kundli GPT and AI in Astrology

By integrating astrological insights with AI, tools like Kundli GPT have opened up new possibilities for both fields to grow and converge further. Here are some future potentials:

  • More accurate and data-driven astrological forecasting
  • Ability to provide real-time astrology consultations at Scale
  • Demystifying astrology principles for larger audiences
  • Personalization of astrology services as per user’s needs
  • Lower costs and easier access to astrological guidance
  • Blending astrology with modern sciences like astronomy

So in the future, we can expect more innovative applications of AI in astrology – helping people connect better with the profound insights that this ancient science has to offer!

CreatorRaj Sutariya, NIT Surat alumnus
TechnologyBased on OpenAI’s ChatGPT architecture
FeaturesGenerates personalized Kundlis and provides astrological insights on career, relationships, health, finances, and dosha remedies
Languages SupportedRequires birth details and location; ask questions via chatbot
UsageRequires birth details and location; ask questions via chatbot
AccessibilityFree to use for anyone
LimitationsExperimental tools are not 100% accurate, and guidance is not 100% accurate
Official WebsiteKundli GPT
KundliGPT AI Knowledge Table

Kundli GPT AI Astrology Chatbot infographic

Kundli GPT AI Astrology Chatbot: Information on Kundli GPT in the form of Infographics
Kundli GPT AI Astrology Chatbot: Information on Kundli GPT in the form of Infographics

Kundli GPT: Fake or Real?

Read below to understand the key points of Kundli GPT and whether it is real or fake:

  • Kundli GPT is an experimental AI-powered astrology platform created by Raj Sutariya, an engineer based in Germany. It is not officially verified or endorsed by any astrological organization.
  • It uses artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms to generate personalized horoscope readings and predictions based on user-submitted birth details.
  • The underlying technology powering Kundli GPT is real – it utilizes natural language processing and generative AI similar to ChatGPT. However, the accuracy of the astrological insights cannot be independently verified.
  • There are concerns about the reliability of astrological analysis by an AI system alone, without human oversight by qualified astrologers. The predictions may be vague and generic.
  • The creator admits that Kundli GPT is an experimental hobby project not meant for serious astrological guidance. It is meant for entertainment purposes only.
  • Overall, while the AI technology behind Kundli GPT is real, the accuracy and legitimacy of astrological insights and predictions cannot be verified. It is an experimental tool lacking human supervision.
  • For serious astrological guidance, consulting an experienced astrologer would be more prudent than relying solely on an unregulated AI system.

So in summary, the technology is real, but the astrological accuracy is questionable. Kundli GPT is an interesting but unvalidated AI experiment in astrology. More research is needed to establish its legitimacy as a practical astrological tool.

Kundli GPT AI: Factual Details You Need to Know

Meet the Creator: Raj Sutariya

Kundli GPT was developed by Raj Sutariya, an alumnus of NIT Surat. He has a master’s degree in machine learning and has worked on building large language models for the past 5 years. Although Sutariya does not personally believe in astrology, he took on the challenge of creating Kundli GPT based on a bet with his friend, who is a Vedic astrologer.

For exclusive peeks into Kundli GPT behind the scenes, check out creator @rajsutariya’s social profiles!

Introducing Kundli GPT AI by Raj Sutariya

Leveraging OpenAI’s ChatGPT Architecture

On the technology front, Kundli GPT is built using OpenAI’s ChatGPT architecture for generative AI. It utilizes natural language processing to take in user inputs and provide astrology readings tailored to the specific details provided. The pipeline involves generating personalized Kundli based on birth dates and locations before providing intelligent responses.

An Experimental Tool, Not for Commercial Use

It is important to note that Kundli GPT is an experimental prototype and is not intended for commercial use. The creators make no warranties about the accuracy or completeness of the astrological guidance provided. The information generated is general in nature. For crucial life decisions, consulting a human astrological expert is still preferable to relying solely on Kundli GPT’s outputs.

Providing a Fun User Experience

As an experimental tool, Kundli GPT aims to provide an engaging user experience for people to explore and interact with AI-powered astrological readings. It allows for safely satisfying curiosity about what astrology might predict without worrying about high-stakes outcomes. The tool is meant for entertainment purposes rather than serious life guidance.

In summary, Kundli GPT leverages advanced AI to create an experimental, easy-to-use astrology chatbot for users to test in a fun, low-risk environment. It does not intend to replace human astrologers for critical needs.


Kundli GPT makes Vedic astrology accessible to all through the power of AI. By providing insights into your strengths, weaknesses, upcoming challenges, and opportunities, it acts like a true astrological advisor.

While some predictions may seem obvious or generic, most guidance is frighteningly accurate and personalized. So if you’re eager to peek into your future and understand life’s influences better, then this AI astrologer can become your trusted guide.

Just remember to take the advice positively, keep an open mind, focus on self-development, and make prudent decisions. Your destiny is ultimately shaped by your actions and attitudes. So use Kundli GPT’s forecasts to optimize your life journey!

FAQ: Kundli GPT AI 

Here are answers to some common questions about Kundli GPT AI:

Is Kundli GPT accurate in its readings?

While advanced AI powers Kundli GPT, it is still an experimental tool. For important life decisions, consulting a human astrologer is preferable to solely relying on the chatbot.

Who created Kundli GPT AI?

Kundli GPT AI was created by Raj Sutariya, an alumnus of NIT Surat with a background in machine learning and AI.

How does Kundli GPT generate horoscope readings?

It uses natural language processing to take user input on birth details and location. It then computes astrological charts and planetary positions to provide intelligent and tailored astrological guidance.

In which languages is Kundli GPT available?

Kundli GPT supports 12 languages, including English, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Marathi, and Gujarati, allowing wider access.

Is Kundli GPT free to use for anyone?

Yes, Kundli GPT is free for anyone to use and get AI-powered astrological guidance at no cost

Are there any limitations to using Kundli GPT?

Due to high demand, there may be waitlists for access. Users need to provide accurate birth details for personalized readings.

Does Kundli GPT AI provide astrological charts that I can view?

Along with interpretive readings, Kundli GPT also generates and displays your detailed astrological birth chart with planet positions at the time of your birth.

Can I access Kundli GPT AI on my phone, or is it limited to the website?

Kundli GPT is currently only available through its website and does not have dedicated mobile apps, so phone access is limited to the web browser.

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