Google Introduces new AI tool for Google Meet

Google has introduced a new AI-powered virtual assistant called “Duet AI” for Google Meet. Duet AI will help make video conferences more productive by taking notes, providing recaps, and even attending meetings automatically on behalf of users

Google Duet AI for Google Meet
Google introduces Duet AI for Google Meet

Mountain View, CA Google has launched an AI assistant named Duet AI to help users get more value out of their video meetings. Unveiled at Google’s Cloud Next event, Duet AI aims to reduce the fatigue of video calls and enhance productivity through automated note-taking, recaps, and meeting attendance features.

“Video meetings are indispensable today, but can diminish productivity if not managed well,” said Dave Citron, Senior Director of Product for Google Meet. “With Duet AI, we utilize AI to maximize meeting efficiency, keep users informed if they miss anything, and enable focus on meaningful work.”

Duet AI’s cornerstone is automated note-taking. Users simply click “take notes for me” when a meeting begins, and Duet AI generates live notes, summaries, and action items as the meeting progresses. Those who join late can quickly catch up with a mid-meeting recap from Duet AI. Afterward, Duet AI compiles the notes and summaries into a document saved to the user’s Google Docs. This eliminates manual note-taking.

Another key capability allows Duet AI to fully attend meetings on a user’s behalf. By selecting “attend for me” on a meeting invite, Duet AI auto-generates talking points to share with other participants, freeing up the user to focus elsewhere.

During meetings, Duet AI also privately chats with users to provide details on anything they missed. This replicates discreetly leaning over to a colleague for insights when you lose focus.

To prevent misuse of “attend for me,” Google instituted safeguards like automatically ending calls if all attendees sent an AI representative. This balances usefulness and appropriate use.

Google Meet is also gaining new dynamic layouts that optimize screen space by automatically resizing participant tiles based on the number of people on camera. An optional teleprompter mode will simplify presenting by displaying speaker notes above slides.

Google Meet’s New AI Tool Makes Meetings More Productive and Engaging

Google Launches AI Assistant, “Duet AI,” to Boost Productivity in Video Meetings, YT Credit:@WION

Google Duet AI Key Points:

  • Duet AI is Google’s new AI assistant for its Google Meet video platform.
  • Duet AI features include real-time automated note-taking, recaps, and attending meetings on a user’s behalf.
  • Google announced Duet AI at its Cloud Next event. Duet AI will roll out over the coming months.
  • Note-taking will be the first Duet AI capability to launch in Google Workspace Labs in the next few months.
  • Upcoming Meet features include dynamic tile layouts and an integrated teleprompter.
  • The objectives are to reduce video call fatigue and make meetings feel more natural.
  • Early Duet AI tests show it accurately captures meeting notes, summaries, and action items.
  • Safeguards like ending calls if all attendees are AIs prevent misuse of “attend for me.”

Dave Citron, Senior Director of Product for Google Meet, said: “Video meetings can be tiring if not managed well. With Duet AI, we utilize AI to maximize efficiency, keep users informed, and enable focus.”


Duet AI signifies how AI is revolutionizing video meetings. The assistant could make meetings more inclusive, productive, and less draining. However, its ability to take accurate notes and appropriately attend meetings autonomously remains unproven. If Duet AI delivers as promised, it may ease video call burnout. The next few months will demonstrate whether this AI can master the art of modern meeting productivity.

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