Google Introduces new AI tool for Google Meet

Google introduces Do it AI

Google has introduced a new AI-powered virtual assistant called “Duet AI” for Google Meet. Duet AI will help make video conferences more productive by taking notes, providing recaps, and even attending meetings automatically on behalf of users Mountain View, CA Google has launched an AI assistant named Duet AI to help users get more value … Read more

Kundli GPT AI – Get Personalized Horoscopes at Your Fingertips with Kundli GPT


Let’s explore your destiny! Do you wish to gain deeper insights into various aspects of your life, like career, relationships, health, and more, based on Vedic astrology principles? Well, you’re in luck because an exciting new AI tool called Kundli GPT is here to help you uncover the hidden truths of your destiny! What is … Read more

Get ChatGPT To Rank Magic Commander Decks 


You are reading this article, which means you want to take advantage of ChatGPT to rank magic commander deck. Discover how ChatGPT can revolutionize the ranking of Magic Commander decks. From understanding the format to leveraging ChatGPT’s insights, this article provides step-by-step strategies for improving your deck’s power level and performance. Unleash the potential of … Read more