Google Introduces new AI tool for Google Meet

Google introduces Do it AI

Google has introduced a new AI-powered virtual assistant called “Duet AI” for Google Meet. Duet AI will help make video conferences more productive by taking notes, providing recaps, and even attending meetings automatically on behalf of users Mountain View, CA Google has launched an AI assistant named Duet AI to help users get more value … Read more

3 Easy Ways To Download Video From Explurger App


Explurger Video Download: Downloading the Explurger App’s Video is not a big task compared to other social media apps or websites. The Explurger app provides an in-built downloading facility to download any video and post it from the app. In This article, I will guide you through completing tutorials so that you can easily download … Read more

What is Explurger App and How To Use It?


Indian Bollywood Actor Sonu Sood launched a made-in-India social media app named Explurger, “Yanha Nahi to Social Nahi.” This is the new age of social media apps, built with AI-powered Technology to Create a Digital Memory Book of Your Journeys and inspire Fellow Travelers to See the World. What is Explurger App? Explurger is a … Read more

Introducing ChatGPT5: OpenAI Pushes Boundaries of AI with GPT-5 and Gaming Advances

Introducing ChatGPT5 OpenAI Pushes Boundaries of AI with GPT-5 and Gaming Advances

OpenAI Advances AI with Major Upgrades to GPT-Bot SAN FRANCISCO, CA Artificial Intelligence company OpenAI has made several major announcements that promise to propel the field of AI forward, including updates to their GPT-Bot, progress towards GPT-5, and an entrance into video game development. GPT-Bot Enhancements OpenAI revealed an upgrade to their GPT-Bot, a sophisticated … Read more

Kundli GPT AI – Get Personalized Horoscopes at Your Fingertips with Kundli GPT


Let’s explore your destiny! Do you wish to gain deeper insights into various aspects of your life, like career, relationships, health, and more, based on Vedic astrology principles? Well, you’re in luck because an exciting new AI tool called Kundli GPT is here to help you uncover the hidden truths of your destiny! What is … Read more